Who We Are

CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. is an employee-owned engineering consulting firm specializing in design processing engineering, procurement, project management, as well as operational needs of the bulk material handling, grain, wood pellets, feed and cruise ship industry and operational needs of the food and grain industry.

The company was founded in 1990 by a group of senior material handling and grain industry engineers based in Vancouver, BC. Since its inception, CMC Engineering Group Ltd. has continued to evolve, expanding and diversifying its consulting and project management services in response to the evolving needs of the industry.

The company’s engineering services are highly integrated with its logistics, food processing, material handling and automation software development services.

CMC Engineering Group Ltd. continues to be a highly respected and innovative consulting and project management firm within the malting, feedmill, grain handling and emerging value-added sectors of the grain and biomass industry. 

Our Strengths

Integrated Intelligence

CMC Engineering Group Ltd. is recognized globally for its unique combination of integrated services. This, coupled with the collective experience of its principals and key personnel continues to make the company a leader among firms of its kind around the world.

The company specializes in engineering industrial facilities, in particular bulk material handling, as well as processing and industrial plants. The company's services include from basic process design, electrical services, mechanical design, structural and civil work, and application software for plant automation.

Average capital expenditures for projects involving CMC Engineering Group's personnel tend to be in the $5 million - $50 million range, while the total spectrum of projects has spanned $1 - $150 million.

The principals and key personnel of CMC Engineering Group Ltd. have been selected, trained and organized to offer the following abilities:

  • to confidently undertake, based on proven experience, complex and extensive projects requiring multidisciplinary operations,
  • to define the required resources and then to properly manage them even under difficult conditions,
  • to recognize when changes are required and when they are not, and to adapt to these conditions in the best possible way, and
  • to blend into the client’s operations in order to best represent the latter’s interests during the execution of the work.

Key staff members understand feed-processing systems and equipment requirements. The company is capable of designing general feedmills or mills with dedicated production lines for pigs, poultry or dairy, as well as more specialized plants for fish feeds and pet foods.

Corporate Profile