Our Projects & Our Clients

We are proud of our multidisciplinary team’s ability to work closely and cooperatively with a diversity of clients and of our many achievements in creative problem solving and innovative design.

Grain Handling, Storage, and Processing

Feature Project: World Class Grain Terminal

Grain TerminalOur company has international experience developing economically viable models, efficiency-enhancement systems and conceptual designs for clients in this sector. In addition, we are proud of our track record in project management, innovative design and detailed engineering for grain handling facilities on five continents.

Bulk Materials Handling

Feature Project: Port Redevelopment

Bulk Materials HandlingCMC's heritage is rich with business-focused engineering experience in bulk materials handling.  All of the principals who came together to form CMC in 1990 were senior engineers with many years of industrial bulk materials handling experience in the grain and mining sectors.  This collective experience also includes major port terminal reconfiguration projects that have inspired our clients to re-tool and take on exciting new challenges in their own marketplace.

Wood Pellets Processing, Handling, and Storage

Feature Project: First Dedicated Wood Pellets Handling Facility in Canada

Wood Pellets ProcessingWood pellets are made from so-called ‘waste-wood,’ diseased and insect-killed trees being prime examples. The Wood Pellet industry turns this waste into renewable, carbon-neutral fuel.  CMC has been an integral part of this industry since inception.

Malt Industry

Feature Project: First Tower Malthouse in North America

Malt IndustryCMC has a long history as an innovator in the malting industry. Our company’s unique combination of integrated skills and services from detailed design engineering, project & construction management to the design construction of plant-wide automation systems has enabled us to become a leading company in this field. Business-wise, CMC has built an impressive legacy in the malt industry, assisting numerous clients increase production while reducing operating costs.

Agri-Food Supply Chain Logistics

Feature Project: Country-Wide Bulk Foodgrains Handling, Storage, and Transport

Agri-Food IndustryCMC has considerable experience in supply chain logistics in the developing world, particularly in India, Pakistan, Africa, and South America. Projects there involved the integrated skills of CMC personnel in analyzing food grains collection infrastructure, food grain losses, evaluating storage facilities and transportation infrastructure, all the while taking into account local employment, literacy and environmental issues that impacted on efficient supply chain management. Projects like these require cultural sensitivity and the ability to mediate disputes and coordinate services in addition to applying good, locally-appropriate business practices and engineering skills.

 Food Industry Primary Processing

Feature Project: Potato Processing in India

Food Industry Primary ProcessingIn addition to core grain industry experience, CMC has also gained considerable experience in the agri-products processing industries.  While our traditional focus continues to be on the malting (for brewing) and animal feed industries, we now provide services for flour mills, pasta plants, and fruits and vegetable processing facilities.  CMC-designed malthouses and feedmills have been rated as some of the most efficient in the world.


Feature Project: Feedmill in Canada

Feedmill IndustryOver the years, CMC has gathered a wealth of international experience in the feedmill industry. From the Canadian prairies to South Africa, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia and India, our company has applied the integrated skills of its teams to design, construct, upgrade, project manage, commission and create automated systems for these specialized structures. CMC-designed feedmills have been rated as some of the most efficient in the world.

Cruise Ship Gangway Systems

Feature Project: Mobile Passenger Gangway for Pointe-a-Càrcy Terminal

Cruise Ship GangwaysIn 1993, after winning a design competition with other global engineering firms, CMC began designing cruise ship passenger gangways. Our unique gangway designs feature mobile and self-propelled capabilities to enable quick deployment against a variety of cruise ship configurations.  Our gangways feature sophisticated controls to ensure passenger safety while automatically synchronizing gangway position to the movement of the cruise ship with tidal and loading conditions.