Integrated Services, World-Wide Coverage

CMC Engineering and Management Ltd.’s integrated approach takes full advantage of having all the necessary project skills teamed together under one roof. Our integrated services originate from the diverse backgrounds of CMC’s key principals. Each principal’s unique area of technical expertise forms a centre, around which similarly trained teams of staff engineers, designers and specialists are organized.

CMC provides engineering services for facility and process planning, as well as mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, controls/automation and software engineering. Our staff work full time on our core market sector projects and their combined experience has given them expert familiarity with the facility and application requirements that are unique to these sectors.

CMC forms integrated teams, organizing and managing their activities to encourage and support effective dialogue throughout each project we undertake. In addition, clear communication channels ensure that the design decision-making process is consistent across all disciplines involved. We value and foster close working relationships with our clients; and because our principals and many of our senior staff have direct industrial operations and management experience, the appreciation we have for the practical issues facility operators are challenged with every day helps us to further strengthen our client relationship during a project.

Our projects have been many and varied, and the average capital expenditure for a typical project CMC undertakes is in the $5 million to $50 million range. The largest we have undertaken to date had a capital cost exceeding $150 million.

Services offered by the firm include all phases of project development, from inception through to full operational status, including: